2020 MARS Match Schedule

MARS has 35 matches for 2020 spread across 8 clubs! For full details visit – https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/matches/

1/12 LHK
2/9 LHK
3/1 Mayberry
3/15 Topton
3/15 NVGC
March York
March LHK
4/18 Hamburg
4/19 NVGC
4/26 Baltimore
4/26 Topton
April LHK
5/3 Alexander
5/16 Hamburg
5/17 NVGC
May Mayberry
6/13 Hamburg
6/21 NVGC
6/28 Baltimore
June LHK
7/19 NVGC
7/26 York
July Mayberry
July LHK
8/2 Alexander
8/16 NVGC
9/12 Hamburg
9/20 NVGC
9/27 Baltimore
9/27 Topton
Sept LHK
10/17 Hamburg – FINALE

2020 Rulebook coming soon…

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3 thoughts on “2020 MARS Match Schedule

  1. Thanks Dave

  2. Like to start doing some long range shooting. Hoping this is the right avenue.

    1. Kevin, MARS is a great way to start. We have lots more info on our Getting Started page – https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/getting-started/

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